Hannie VS Ashannie

On Tuesday I said I would talk about this stop so hear we go. If you did not know Hannie is the abbreviation of Hayden Summerall and Annie Leblanc relationship, and Ashannie is the abbreviation of Asher Angel and Annie Leblanc relationship. I am not to sure why Hannie got broken after a year but people say it was because Annie was jealous of Hayden being with Mackenzie Ziegler. Here is a post.

A post

Then as known now Ashannie was made which is a really pretty relationship. It all started when Asher Angel was making a MV And Annie was in the video. After that there was so much drama. The in a spill your gut’s you tube video Annie confirmed Ashannie. But on Valentines day Annie got a big pile of flower that I will show so here it is.

2019 Valentines day gift. PS same day they started dating.

So finally i thought I would show some pictures from both but i love both relationships if you now why hannie broke tell me.



Thank hope you enjoyed.

Feeling Fancy

Many times when we are small we dream of living in a huge house like a mansion. But is it really worth to lie about your wealth, I mean in 3rd grade a girl told me she lived in a castle, and ya. Did I believe her NO because is she did she would have more thing and in the class people hate her but i don’t mind talking to her. But really imagine living in a huge house with the best things. Now you should not choose rich friends because you probably want money but no I prefer to have friends that I admire . Here are some examples of thing’s that are in a mansion think of your self living there. I will show you a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, garage, a pool, and balcony . Here are the pictures HOPE YOU ENJOY.