History Made

In Chicago we made history for the rainiest May in years. May brings plenty of pleasantly warm weather to Chicago, Illinois. This is also the city’s least humid month of the year. This page gives detailed information on the typical May weather for Chicago.


Hayley Leblanc

One of the stars of the YouTube family vlog channel Bratayley who later signed with Disney’s Maker Studios. She plays the character Harmony on the web series Chicken Girls and has also appeared in the web series Mani. In 2018, she began starring on the Brat web series Hotel Du Loone.

Before Fame

The Bratayley channel was initially created for her. Bratayley is a combination of Brat and Hayley. 


She appeared with her brother Caleb and sister Annie on another channel called OMMyGoshTV. She has over 3.1 million followers on her hayley.leblanc Instagram account. She launched a YouTube channel called Jam JR in 2018. 

Family Life

Her parents’ names are Katie and Billy. Her brother Caleb passed away in 2015. 

Associated With

She is close friends with singer and fellow Chicken Girls star Carson Lueders

Chicken Girls

On brat there is a show named Chicken Girls,I love the show. They have made many movies the most popular is Chicken girls the movie. They have season episodes that turn into a marathon.

Leblanc bake off

On Nickelodeon Annie and her little sister Hayley had a bake off. There was a bake off on episode 1 it was a birthday cake for spongebob birthday, the mystery judge was dangmattsmith. There will away’s be a a mystery judge and a type of food they have to make.

here are the video’s in order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZVC1W1QjKM&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVTQ6sccIRw&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX&index=2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CNnFi_mOmg&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX&index=3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da4rk2Tts40&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX&index=4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v1Izou3yvk&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX&index=5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enIDz70Fnxs&list=PLJb1AL9zU1Gob1I0bgAfb6uLnBhv8C6VX&index=6

Mackenzie Ziegler vs Annie Leblanc

these’s day there has been a completion in between Mackenzie Ziegler and Annie Leblanc. It all started when Annie started seeing Hayden Summerall. In a assumption’s about me video Annie made she said that she get’s along with Mackenzie but that was after dating with Hayden, which if you were on the internet it would be know as “hannie”. In my opinion vote for Annie just because i prefer her better and so much talent.


So over the weekend i was thinking of having a sleepy day because i am sick, I have a stuffy nose and sore throat but it is mostly the nose i hate.


So I am a bit hungry so i thought I was going to show you something of topic of what I usually do. So I was going to show think’s I would like to make or taste, so my mom does not like sweet’s some how but I love them along with my dad, brother, and little sister. SO hear we go! Fun fact I hate cheesecake.


Over the weekend it was my mom’s birthday on the eleven at 1 in the morning, Then on the 12 it was my brother’s birthday at 9 pm and it was mother’s day. In my mom’s part of family was really weird but sweet. So my grandma is in mexico and in mexico mother’s day is on the 10th. So my mom was born 1 day after mexico’s mothers’s day, But my brother was born 1 day after my mom’s birthday, this year it was mother’s day.